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Call for papers

Anyone wishing to contribute a talk to YACC’2012 is invited to submit a paper (in latex) using our EasyChair (coming soon)

Submission page:

The submission should begin with a title, author list, a short abstract, and a list of keywords. The paper should be at most 4 pages, using at least 11-point font and reasonable margins.

[warning]Deadline for submissions : June 15th, 2012.
Notification of acceptance : July 15th 2012.[/warning]

Program Committee

  • Michel Abdalla, ENS & CNRS
  • Yves Aubry
  • Daniel Augot, INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt
  • Jean Claude Bajard, LIP6- UPMC
  • Thierry Berger, XLIM – Universit de Limoges
  • Regis Blache
  • Tom Blackford, Western Illinois University
  • Ioana Boureanu, Imperial College London, Department of Computing
  • Emrah Çakçak
  • Anne Canteaut, INRIA
  • Claude Carlet, University of Paris 8
  • Joan Daemen, STMicroelectronics
  • Luca De-Feo
  • Sylvain Duquesne
  • Benoit Feix, Inside Contactless
  • Philippe Gaborit, University of Limoges
  • Guillaume Hanrot
  • Tom Hoeholdt, The Technical University of Denmark
  • Xiang-Dong Hou, University of South Florida
  • Laurent Imbert, CNRS, LIRMM, Université Montpellier 2
  • Marc Joye, Technicolor Security & Content Protection Labs
  • Alexander Kholosha, University of Bergen
  • Philippe Langevin, IMATH (chair)
  • Gregor Leander, DTU
  • David Lubicz, Université Rennes I
  • Gary Mcguire, University College Dublin
  • Nicolas Meloni
  • Ferruh Ozbudak, METU
  • Ludovic Perret, UPMC/LIP6 INRIA/SALSA
  • Christiane Peters, Technical University of Denmark
  • Elbaz-Vincent Philippe, Institut Fourier — CNRS, Université Grenoble 1
  • David Pointcheval, CNRS/ENS/INRIA
  • Bart Preneel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven – COSIC
  • Vincent Rijmen
  • Francois Rodier, IML-CNRS
  • Robert Rolland, Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy – eRISCS – ACrypTA
  • Nicolas Sendrier, INRIA
  • Henning Stichtenoth, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Damien Vergnaud, ENS Ulm
  • Pascal Véron, IMath, Université du Sud Toulon-Var
  • Christopher Wolf, Horst Görtz Institute
  • Jacques Wolfmann


Scientific Committee

  • Yves Aubry, IMATH/IML,  University of Toulon
  • Daniel Augot, LIX/INRIA,  Saclay.
  • Joan Daemen, STMicroelectronics, Belgium.
  • Benoit Feix, Inside Secure, France.
  • Laurent Imbert, LIRMM, Montpellier.
  • Marc Joye, Technicolor, France.
  • David Kohel, IML, University of Aix-Marseille
  • Philippe Langevin, IMATH,  University of Toulon
  • Gregor Leander, Technical  University of Denmark.
  • Reynald Lercier, DGA and University of Rennes.
  • Pierre-Yvan Liardet, STMicroelectronics, France.
  • Christiane Peters, Technical University of Denmark.
  • Pascal Veron,  IMATH,  University of Toulon.

Useful informations

Informations to join and leave Porquerolles island.

First you’ll have to come in France and join the city of Hyères.

To go  from Hyères Aeroport  to Hyères Centre bus station.

You can take the bus (20min).
Bus leaving at 8h10, 9h10, 10h10, 11h10, 11h51, 12h45, 13h32, 14h35, 15h35, 16h35, 17h40 and 18h30 from monday to saturday.

Bus leaving at 8h10, 9h10, 11h57, 14h35, 15h35 and 17h40 on Sunday.

To go  from Hyères Aeroport to the Tour Fondue.

You can take a taxi.
I have asked to the taxi company :
from Monday to Friday, 7am to 7pm, the price would be around 25 euros.
Otherwise, it woul be around 35 euros.
(Hyères Taxi Station: 04 94 00 60 00)

To go from Toulon railway station  to Hyères Centre bus station.

If you are in Toulon railway station, you just have to go to the bus station : when you get out of the railway station, turn left.
Just walk 50m and then climb down the stairs. This is there !

Take the bus 29 or 39 until their terminus : Hyères centre. From Monday to Friday, around 4 buses an hour.

To go  from Hyères Centre bus station to the Tour Fondue.

Just take the bus 67 (30min) and get down at Tour Fondue.

Bus leaving at 6h30, 7h30, 8h25, 9h15, 11h25, 13h45, 15h40
Bus coming back at 7h20, 8h27, 9h, 10h05, 12h, 14h25, 17h35, 18h35 from Monday to Saturday and bus coming back at 9h, 10h05, 12h, 14h25, 17h35, 19h on Sunday.

To go from the Tour Fondue to Porquerolles

Take the shuttle to the island.
Shuttles leaving at 7h30, 9h, 9h30,10h, 10h30, 11h, 11h30, 12h, 12h30, 13h30, 14h30, 15h30, 17h, 18h.
(Shuttles coming back at 7h (not on Sunday), 8h30, 9h30, 10h30, 11h30, 14h,15h, 16h30, 17h30, 18h30)
Please note that if you let a car in the Tour Fondue parking, you will have to pay 6 euros a day.

Please ask me for any questions : herbautf |_at_|

Phone numbers.

  • La Tour Fondue Shuttle: (33) 04 94 58 21 81
  • La Tour Fondue Taxi Boat: (33) 04 94 58 31 19 / 06 09 52 31 19
  • La Tour Fondue Car Park: 04 94 01 99 28 (No visitor’s cars allowed on the island)
  • IGESA center: (33) 4 94 12 31 80
  • Hyères Coach Station (SODETRAV) : 0 825 00 06 50
  • Hyères Taxi Station: 04 94 00 60 00


Schedule Yacc’2012 (draft)

All talks take place at « Cadran solaire ».

Monday September 24th 2012 :

14h00-14h30 : Registration
14h30-15h30 : Invited Speaker : Daniel Bernstein

« Cryptography for the paranoid »

15h30-16h00 : Alexandre Duc and Serge Vaudenay

« HELEN: a Public-key Cryptosystem Based on the LPN Problem »

16h00-16h30 : Coffee Break

16h30-17h00 : Ilya Dumer, Grigory Kabatyanskiy and Cédric Tavernier

« More steganography via covering codes »

17h00-17h30 : Mathilde Soucarros, Jessy Clédière, Cécile Dumas and Philippe Elbaz-Vincent

« Perturbation and Evaluation of a True Random Number Generator Imbedded in a Processor »

17h30-18h00 : Gérard Cohen and Jean-Pierre Flori

« On a generalized conjecture involving addition mod 2^k-1″

18h30 : Welcome Cocktail

19h15 : Dinner

Tuesday September 25th 2012 :

09h30-10h30 : Invited Speaker : Philippe Elbaz-Vincent

« Mathematical aspects of modern cryptology« 

10h30-11h00 : Coffee Break

11h00-11h30 : Yves Aubry, Safia Haloui and Gilles Lachaud

« On the number of points on abelian and Jacobian varieties over finite fields »

11h30-12h00 : Tim Hodges, Christophe Petit and Jacob Schlather

« Degree of Regularity for Systems arising from Weil Descent »

12h15 : Lunch

15h30-16h30 : Invited Speaker : Peter Beelen

« Towers of Function Fields over Non-prime Finite Fields« 

16h30-17h00 : Coffee Break

17h00-17h30 : Florian Hess, Henning Stichtenoth, Seher Tutdere

« On Invariants of Towers of Function Fields Over Finite Fields »

17h30-18h00 : Jean-Pierre Flori and Sihem Mesnager

« On bent and hyper-bent functions via Dillon-like exponents »

18h00-18h30 : Florian Caullery

« A New Step Toward Classification Of APN Functions »

19h15 : Dinner

Wednesday September 26th 2012 :

09h30-10h30 : Invited Speaker : Vincent Rijmen

« Yet another provably secure countermeasure against side-channel attacks?« 

10h30-11h00 : Coffee Break

11h00-11h30 : Tammam Alasha

« Constant-time encoding points on elliptic curve of different forms over finite fields »

11h30-12h00 : Sonia Bogos, Ioana Boureanu and Serge Vaudenay

« Primeless Modular Cryptography »

12h15 : Lunch

Thursday September 27th 2012 :

09h30-10h30 : Invited Speaker : Christian Rechberger

« TBA« 

10h30-11h00 : Coffee Break

11h00-11h30 : Daniel Bernstein and Tanja Lange

« Two grumpy giants and a baby »

11h30-12h00 : Anna Rimoldi and Enrico Bertolazzi

« Fast rank computation in F_2″

12h15 : Lunch

15h30-16h30 : Invited Speaker : Luca De Feo

« Isogeny graphs in cryptography« 

16h30-17h00 : Coffee Break

17h00-17h30 : Aurore Guillevic

« Comparing the Pairing Efficiency over Composite-Order and Prime-Order Elliptic Curves »

17h30-18h00 : Zulfukar Saygi and Ferruh Ozbudak

« On the number of quadratic forms of codimension 2 in characteristic 2 giving maximal curves »

20h00 : Banquet

Friday September 28th 2012 :

09h30-10h30 : Invited Speaker : Dimitrios Poulakis

« Cryptographic Primitive for Long Term Security« 

10h30-11h00 : Coffee Break

11h00-11h30 : Karim Tobich, Philippe Maurine, Pierre-Yvan Liardet and Thomas Ordas

« YAFIT by FBI – Yet Another Fault Injection Technique by Forward Bias Injection« 

11h30-12h00 : Philippe Langevin

« APN cubics over GF(2,5) »

12h15 : Lunch